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Top 5 Things a Patio Deck Needs for Moncton Summers

(Source) Summer is finally here! And with summer comes morning coffees on the deck, relaxing afternoons in the backyard, BBQs with friends and family, and quiet evenings spent trying to cool off as the sun goes down. Needless to say, a lot of your time is probably spent on and around your patio deck, which means you should pimp it out as much as possible to enjoy it to the max! So, what does a patio deck need to have in order to make it through a Moncton summer? Here’s a list of what you might want to consider: 1. Mosquito netting! Don’t let those little bastards get drunk off your blood (and no, having them drink your blood will not reduce your blood alcohol level, regardless of what your buddy was trying to tell you!). Mosquito netting doesn’t need to look tacky either, in fact, there are plenty of options that actually look good and can complement the look of your patio! 2. Sprinklers. Whether it’s your kids who are complaining it’s too hot outside, your dog needing relief from the heat, or you’re suffering from menopausal hot flashes, having some sort of water within reach of your patio is a must - especially if you don’t have a backyard pool. The most obvious and cost-effective alternative to a pool is some sort of sprinkler system. There are tons of different types of sprinkler options: built-in sprinklers, those ones that lazily go back and forth, the sprinklers that were the inspiration for that stupid dance … you know the dance I’m talking about, don’t pretend you don’t!

(Source) In any case, a sprinkler is a must to make it through a Moncton summer; which type you pick is entirely up to you. 3. Toys for the kids. If you’ve got kids, or friends who have kids, no Moncton summer is complete without some awesome patio deck toys. Try to avoid things with wheels, unless you enjoy watching your guests break their backs (get your mother-in-law out of your head … sicko). Better yet, invest in some sort of gating/fencing to create a designated play area. The fencing doesn’t need to be your standard jail-like baby gates either. Using some wooden planters to outline an area can look quite nice, as long as the purpose of the fencing is to simply serve as a visual reminder to the kids on where the toys are allowed, and not if you’re depending on the gate to keep the kids in. 4. BBQ and accessories. In addition to a sweet-looking stainless steel BBQ, don’t forget to invest in a decent BBQ cover and some accessories the guys will be jealous of, like a BBQ rib rack, wing rack, or smoker box.    5. Lighting. Often overlooked, lighting can be a wonderful addition to a patio deck. There are so many options, from solar powered lamps to twinkling butterflies, adding lighting to a patio can not only be practical, but also create an almost whimsical environment, perfect for winding down after a long hot day. Where to shop? So, where the heck can you buy all this stuff in or around Moncton? Here are a few recommendations: Kent Home Improvement Warehouse: Located at 55 Trinity Drive in Moncton. Phone number: (506) 862-3400. The Home Depot: Located at 235 Mapleton Road in Moncton. Phone number: (506) 853-8150. Serre Barachois Greenhouse: Located at 1146 Barachois, New Brunswick. Phone number: (506) 532-2788 Macarthur's Nurseries Inc.: Located at 232 McLaughlin Drive in Moncton. Phone number: (506) 859-2727. Toys “R” Us: Located at Champlain Place (477 Paul Street) in Moncton. Phone number: (506) 859-8697. What’s on your wish list? What does your dream deck consist of? How do you make it through Moncton summers? Let us know by leaving a comment below. And hey, if you’re a local business who offers patio deck supplies, make sure to tell us about your company!

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