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Feeling The Love! MHB Wins The Atlantic Home Warranty Customer Choice Award For The Third Time.

Last Saturday morning, each member of the MHB team was doing their respective happy dance as we received an email letting us know that we've won the Atlantic Home Warranty Customer Choice Award!  This is our third time receiving this honor- an achievement that we do not take lightly.

Atlantic Home Warranty is a third-party warranty organization providing protection for new homebuyers, as well as the confidence they need in home builders. The company is based in Halifax, with representatives in all four Atlantic provinces. Each year, AHW surveys new homeowners in the following way:

The survey consists of 26 questions that deal with the homeowners’ experience with their Builder in all aspects of the purchase of their new home. This includes the Builders’ sales staff or their realtor, office and construction staff, as well as the Builders’ after sales service. The last question on the survey asks the homeowner if they will recommend their Builder to their family and friends who are thinking of purchasing a new home. (Source: ) What really gets us about receiving this award? Our clients made this happen.  Obviously, we LOVE our clients... but it's pretty cool to know just how much they love us back. To our clients: THANK YOU!  Thank you for choosing us to build your home, for joining our family, for making every day AWESOME.  You're why we do this.
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