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Going to Blog World Expo

Blog World Expo. One of the biggest web conferences in Vegas. Jason Falls of Social Media Explorer put together this really great panel; in his note to the participants he called The Martell Experience "my favourite social media case study" (you can read more about what he has to say about our team here) and here is a bit of what he had to say about the people appearing with me on the stage:

Our moderator is going to be Arik Hanson - a fine social media and internet marketing mind and blogger who is principal of his own communications firm in Minneapolis. He is online at Becky McCray - Brings two important perspectives to this panel as a small business owner but also the mastermind behind - one of the best small biz resources for Web 2.0 thinking out there. She's a veteran of the speaking circuit and knows here stuff. Natasha Westcoat is one of the leading contemporary artists of our time and has leveraged social media successfully for a few years now to distribute, promote and sell her work, which is on display in many corporate and private collections around the country. Find her at Mack Collier is one of the leading social media thinkers out there. He's the author of The Viral Garden and is a small business owner himself ( ) as a social media consultant and mentor. His client work includes several small business success stories. As Jason says, "The panel isn't just case studies on small businesses leveraging social media and how they went about planning and doing it, but also giving small business owners some useful next steps." So, at 4:45 p.m Vegas time on Saturday, Oct. 17. I'll be sharing the Martell Experience with these folks and the massive audience at Blog World Expo. But I'm blogging about it now so you can be part of the action! What should I tell the Vegas crowd? Would any of our customers, staff or friends want me to mention anything specific? Please leave a comment. My presentation for Blog World Expo will get better with your help.
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