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Our Favourite Fall Foliage in New Brunswick

Photo credit: New Brunswick Tourism Autumn. The season when the nights grow shorter, sweaters come out and our thoughts turn to hockey and hot chocolate. It is also the season where Mother Nature provides our of her most glorious gifts—fall foliage. Those of us living in New Brunswick are blessed to have a front row to one of the most spectacular colour shows in North America. Over 80% of our province is forested, which means you’re never far from a brilliant display of colourful leaves. Indeed, our plentiful deciduous forests are so full of these changing colours that the visual spectacle draws tourists from around the world to witness them. While our tree types and colours are similar to those found in New England, the crowds are mush smaller (and costs a bit lower) compared to the more popular areas of New England. Tourism New Brunswick has created a useful online tool to help you and your guests track the most dramatic fall foliage highlights in their province. The website includes an interactive map which allows you to click on an area and get relevant details on the region. With the prime viewing time right around the corner—autumn colours are at their best over Canada's Thanksgiving Weekend—we thought we’d share our favourite locations from the site to witness New Brunswick's fall foliage:

Fundy Foliage Not only ins the Bay of Fundy one of the Marine Wonders of the World; it is also one of the best places to see vibrant fall colours. If you thought it was beautiful in the summer, just wait until you see it dressed in brilliant colour!

Acadian Colours The Acadian Coast is resplendent with bright fall colours to admire and discover. Here, as everywhere in the province, the autumn scenery is simply breathtaking. Be sure to stop at Chaleur Bay—one of the most beautiful bays in the world—in part because of the fall foliage.

The Leaves of Miramichi The Miramichi River provides a front row view of the spectacular fall foliage. whether you decide to walk along the hiking trails at French Fort Cove Nature Park, or view the colours from a boat on the river, you’ll be sure to catch some spectacular views These are our favourite spots;  but we know we missed several more great locations. Please let us know in the comments what your favourite spot to view New Brunswick's fall fall foliage is.

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