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The Benefits of Container Homes

Container homes, also called shipping container homes or cargo container homes, are a very awesome idea and have many benefits, including:

  1. Affordability – Shipping container homes are way cheaper than your standard house, making home ownership a possibility to more people.

  2. Durability – Cargo containers have been built to withstand the elements of sea travel, such as strong winds, harsh rain, etc. This means that container homes are not going to leak, they’ll stand up to extreme weather conditions and, some even claim, are earthquake proof and hurricane proof.  

  3. Sustainability – You won’t be using up new resources when you purchase a container home, you’ll be purchasing a home made from recycled material.

  4. Room to Grow – You can stack shipping container homes on top of each other to create a larger living space.

  5. Speedy – Container homes can be put together very quickly, making them a great shelter solution in emergency situations (for example, when towns have been wiped out by floods, earthquakes, or hurricanes).

  6. Easy Relocation – If you decide to pack up and move across country, you can bring your home with you. After all, a shipping container home was originally designed to … well … ship!

An article published on the CBC website says, “…the containers have become abundantly available during the last decade due to a deficit in manufactured goods being transported overseas from North America.

Goods are shipped to North America from Asia and Europe but with nothing to send back, shipping companies face a considerable expense hauling the empty units.

It is often cheaper to buy new containers in Asia than to ship old ones back. As a result, the containers get left in North America, seeking new uses such as garages, artist's studios, and cargo homes.”

Because of these benefits, more and more people are purchasing container homes worldwide, from the Netherlands, to New Zealand, to the USA and, of course, here in Canada. Here’s a look at a few Canadian companies that create these awesome container homes or provide shipping container home plans (designs):

ZiglooYou can check out various concepts, projects, or purchase shipping container home plans from – a company located in Victoria, British Columbia.

Ecopods – Located in Toronto, Ontario, Ecopods creates custom designed shipping container homes.

A-Just Housing Corp. – This Canadian company designs and develops shipping container homes and is based in Edmonton, Alberta.

Would you live in one of these container homes? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

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