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Top 33 Ways to Improve the Look of Your Home for Under $100

(Source) Finally, summer is here at last! If you find that winter and spring did a number on the look of your home – inside and outside – and want to give it a facelift without spending a bunch of money, you’ve come to the right place. Whether it’s for your own personal happiness, because you’re thinking of putting your house on the market, or because you just want to get your nagging mother-in-law off your back, here are the top 33 cheap home improvement projects that will enhance the look of your home for under $100.

Before you do anything mentioned on this list, there are some common-sense home improvement tips you should tackle first. For example, just because you love your empty beer can collection, or the rusty P.O.S hunk of junk sitting on your front lawn – which you refer to as a “classic” – doesn’t mean everyone else loves it. Trust me when I tell you, if you get rid of the crap, you will improve the look of your home. Furthermore, if you’re looking for cheap home improvement projects, why not take back some precious space by ditching that freeloading loser of a boyfriend you’ve got? Seriously. You’d be amazed at how much better your home will look when that scumbag is gone … better even than hauling away the so-called classic on your front lawn! So now, without further ado, here are the top 33 home improvement tips you can do for free or for less than $100:

  1. Paint the interior. Choose the rooms that need it the most. For example, the front entrance will probably have more wear and tear than the walls in the den.

  2. Wash the walls! If you can’t paint, the next best thing is to give your walls a good washing, removing fingerprints and scuff marks.

  3. Paint window trims outside.

  4. Decorate your home with some local art.

  5. Buy some pretty hanging baskets to hang outside your front door.

  6. Pull the weeds and mow the lawn!

  7. Wash the windows (inside and out!).

  8. Don’t kill your garden or lawn, make sure you water it.

  9. Rent a pressure washer to clean your home’s siding, as well as the deck and driveway.

  10. Light up garden walkways and paths with some solar powered garden lamps.

  11. Declutter by having a garage sale!

  12. With the money you earned from the above tip, hit yard sales for new (to you) pieces of furniture or vintage artwork.

  13. Include some cool wall decorations to add some interestingness.

  14. Swap out the existing photos you have in frames for new ones (but don’t throw away the old ones, you can exchange them again when you are in need of a new look).

  15. Buy new hardware. You might not have the budget to replace all your kitchen cupboards or buy a new front door, but you can improve the looks of these by purchasing new handles or doorknobs.

  16. Get rid of or replace torn window and door screens.

  17. Paint or replace your home’s address numbers.

  18. Rent a carpet cleaner and clean that shag!

  19. Improve the look of your bedroom by following these tips.

  20. Replace your worn out door mats.

  21. Remove the moss from your roof (be careful!).

  22. Add mirrors to make rooms look larger and brighter.

  23. Follow the advice and tips from Martha Stewart.

  24. Paint the storage shed.

  25. Paint the fence.

  26. Plant flowers to add some colour to your garden.

  27. Trim that overgrown hedge!

  28. Seed bald areas of lawn.

  29. Fill and repaint chipped walls.

  30. Rearrange furniture and create a focal point in the room.

  31. Buy some inside plants and flowers.

  32. Learn some cheap DIY projects to improve the look of your home - recover old chairs or make some custom curtains, for example.

  33. Look for discontinued flooring for an inexpensive facelift on a small room like the front entrance or small bathroom. If you’re lucky, you can find good expensive tiles for a fraction of the price.

(Source) If you’re trying to improve the look of your home because you’re planning on moving, make sure you check out 10 Moving Tips to Cram More Crap in Your Car. What home improvement tips can you add this this list? Do you know some cheap home improvement projects that cost less than $100? Leave a comment and let us know!

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