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Top Celebrity Home & Garden Photos

(Source) Why do we want to see celebrity home photos? Is it because we want a glimpse at what it’s like to be rich and famous, living the life of luxury? Perhaps our desire to see inside celebrity homes is to get ideas for our own home decorating attempts. Or, maybe, some of us are seeking out an aerial view of celebrity homes or our favourite celebrity garden in order to get up close and personal in hopes of catching a peek at the famous when they aren’t expecting it. Whatever your reason for wanting to see celebrity home photos, be it innocent curiosity or perverse obsession, here are some of the best. Check out the inside of this celebrity home, owned by Penelope Cruz. Actually, according to The Real Estalker, the sexy actress has her Los Angeles home on the market for $3,695,000. To learn more, the Source link provided below the photo will direct you to The Real Estalker blog post.

(Source) It’s Harry Potter! According to, Daniel Radcliffe recently purchased a townhouse in New York, NY for $5,650,000. Here are some photos of this celebrity home.

(Source) Check out this beautiful celebrity garden. Sharon Stone is apparently selling her Beverly Hills pad for $9,000,000. Anyone want to lend me $8,999,999?

(Source) Next up on our list of celebrity home photos is one owned by Grey’s Anatomy’s McDreamy … erm … Patrick Dempsey.

(Source) If you’ve got $16.5 million laying around that you’re not sure what to do with it, you could purchase Dr. Phil’s 8 bedroom, 7 bathroom Beverly Hills, California home. Judging from the photo below, this celebrity garden ain’t too shabby either.

(Source) Here’s a look inside Meg Ryan’s Bel Air home. It looks absolutely stunning.

(Source) The photo below is an aerial view of America’s Got Talent’s host, Nick Cannon’s home (and his gorgeous wife, Mariah Carey). Located in Bel Air, California.

(Source) Last on our list of celebrity home photos is Barry Manilow’s breathtaking ocean front property in Malibu, California.

(Source) Which Celebrity’s Home Would You Want to See? If you could see inside any celebrity home, who would it be and why? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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