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Top New Brunswick Business Blogs

  1. Atlantic Business Magazine: Atlantic Business is the longest publishing regional business magazine in Atlantic Canada. Their online version covers all areas of business within the four Atlantic provinces. RSS | Facebook | LinkedIn | Twitter

  2. Business Briefings: Canadian Business’ regularly updated news, commentary and analysis from the world of business. RSS | Facebook | Twitter

  3. It’s the Economy, Stupid: David Campbell writes about economic development in New Brunswick and the Atlantic Provinces. RSS | Twitter

  4. Small Business Blog from Atlantic Canada: The only business site in Atlantic Canada to get insights on small business issues: strategy, marketing, project management and other topics that effect small business operations. RSS |  Twitter

  5. Business New Brunswick: The latest news and YouTube videos from the provincial government’s Business New Brunswick department. Twitter

  6. Women in Business New Brunswick: A site dedicated to woman business owners or entrepreneurs. Contains useful information on business resources, training and networking opportunities and access to funding. Facebook

  7. Get Growing for Business: Scotiabank’s Get Growing for Business website is a dynamic online hub designed to give small-business owners helpful hints and advice that they can put to immediate use. RSS

  8. New Brunswick Business Journal: Not a blog per se, but the online version of a variety of newspaper concentrating on coverage of business issues throughout New Brunswick. RSS

  9. Small Business Canada: One of the rare About pages worth checking out. Susan has done a great job at collating everything you need to know to start and operate a small business.Your Turn Who’s your favourite New Brunswick business blogger? We’re always on the hunt for great blogs to follow. Leave a comment letting us know who we should add to our blog roll!

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