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What’s Hot for 2018: Kitchen & Bathroom Edition

What’s in a trend? Interior design trends come and go (i.e. the shag carpet) but modern trends are focusing on being timeless. What new timeless materials and styles will we see come in to play for 2018?


Simplicity: A focus on blacks, whites, and the full spectrum of greys will allow for interiors that are both timeless, and contemporary. From classic styling, to stark industrial-looking spaces, this simple trend uses of highly decorative items, and strict adherence to a determined color palette. Also, pops of colour are important in a neutral color scheme. A neutral kitchen with a back splash made of Zenolite will give a glass look, and a pop of colour to enhance the space. Be classic and adhere to your palette though. A pop goes a long way. Other colors used in a simple palette should be muted, or a shade of a color. Shades of blue, or apricot combined with neutrals can give an understated, yet stylish result.


To help warm a space decorated in black and white, texture is an important part of trends for 2018. Metallic wall panels and splash backs, or cork or wood grain wall panels can make a simple color palette warm and inviting. A mirrored wall panel can open up a room and reflect light, making the area more inviting. Copper has been a popular metallic, but it’s peak seems to have been reached, so look out for brass to be popular in 2018.


With simplicity comes a throwback to materials from a simpler time. Natural stone, raw timber, concrete, copper, and natural clay applied as highlights. With a simple backdrop, these natural and raw materials can give a freedom to create something unique in your home. Organic materials, and traditional handcrafts will continue to gain momentum and will make a grand showing in interior design.

A lot of these trends have been around separately, but in this combination you can make a timeless interior that will show the lifestyle, the aesthetic, and the style of the people in the home.

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