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It's Official: Martell Home Builders' Fredericton is open for business.

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  1. Natural Environment: Jason told us that he loves how the city of Fredericton has maintained so much natural landscape particularly the mature trees that decorate the downtown so beautifully.

  2. Recreational Activities: There's no shortage of sport & recreation in Fredericton.  This particularly active city offers residents tons of opportunities to get moving and have a blast!

  3. Entertainment & Festivals: With a different festival offered almost every month, there's always some kind of entertainment to take in.  More information on what's coming up can be found on the city's website. If you're thinking of building a home in Fredericton, book your Discovery Session with Jason and see what the Martell Experience is all about. Contact Info:

Jason Haines Location Manager: Fredericton(C) (506)292-2169 (E) (F) (866)843-0477

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