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Make Social Media Your Business

  1. Blow up your business model;

  2. Tie online interaction to trust;

  3. Measure your social media ROIMartell Homes has received national recognition and been written about in two recently published books - The Now Revolution and Nuts, Bolts and a Few Loose Screws - for this very reason. At the age of 26, Pierre rocketed from the brink of bankruptcy to unparalleled growth in the home building industry because he made social media his business. He firmly believes that collaborating and sharing best practices among like-minded entrepreneurs is the only sure fire way to accelerate success in business. Register by March 22nd and discover how Martell Home’s built and sold 91 homes in two years using social media – and more importantly, how these ideas can be applied in your business. Register Now Time: 9-11am Date: March.24, 2011 Location: Jim Gilberts Wheels and Deals - World Class Boardroom! 402 St. Marys Street Fredericton, New Brunswick Cost: Free

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