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Meet the Team: Jim


Many of you would've met this musical, artistic, well-traveled Beatles fan at our last customer appreciation party at the Chocolate River Station in Riverview. Even though he wasn't permitted on the bouncy castle, our warranty man rocked your socks off with his music. Although he plays semi-professionally in an Elvis tribute band, it wasn't the King that sparked Jim's interest in music. At 16, he decided he wanted to be John Lennon. Lucky for us (and all you new home owners) that didn't happen!

Jim Ledgerwood is the man who shows up to inspect your house after the 10 month warranty period ends to ensure that your house is still up to our standards. He has a list of areas to inspect, but also reviews everything you are concerned about. Since finishing up at Queen's University, Jim has owned 4 homes and has flipped a few houses. He's seen a wide array of homes–some built correctly, some not. He never planned on being a warranty man, but after seeing so many construction problems, Jim began managing a small construction company contract in Moncton and eventually ended up on our team!  His eye for detail–from guitars to oil painting to car restoration and home building–is invaluable and makes us feel at ease, knowing our projects will stand the test of time.

Jim L.

Fun Facts about Jim Ledgerwood: 1- Jim restores European cars as a hobby. One of his favourite projects was an Original Mini. He's also restored a 68' Jaguar and currently drives the Austin Power's car. He's very tempted to paint the British Flag on it.

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