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Tapping Free Renewable Energy Is A Game Changer

Join us on August 21st from 1-4pm for the Martell EcoCommunity Launch.

Improve the way you build or buy your next home.

Using advanced alternative energy solutions by Bosch, Martell Home Builders - in partnership with EcoPlusHome and Maple Leaf Homes - are building two EcoPlusHomes in Sterling Meadows (off the Old Shediac Road) each with pre-construction EnerGuide ratings of 93 out of 100.

If you’ve been reading about the Martell EcoPlusHome project on our Blueprint Blog then you already know that the pre-construction EnerGuide 93 rating is thirteen points over what’s previously been considered an industry leading rating for a newly constructed home.

Here is just a glimpse of the technology that makes it all possible.

Solar Panels for Power, Hot Water

The technology to generate electricity and heat your water draws its power from the sun using two types of solar panels developed by Bosch, the world leader in renewable technology. The first is a photovoltaic panel that generates electricity and the second is a thermal solar panel that heats hot water for baths, dishes and laundry.

The results have quieted the naysayers who question Atlantic Canada’s ability to produce enough energy from the sun. Most of Canada receives at least seven megajoules of sunlight each day – which is enough to supply an average household's power requirement of about 2,000 watt hours from one 200-watt photovoltaic panel!

The solar panels are also surprisingly attractive and can withstand hurricane force winds and snow loads up to 35 pounds per square foot.

Geothermal Heat Pumps

EcoPlusHomes also use geothermal heat pump systems - the most energy and cost efficient systems on the market with the greenest technology for heating and cooling. When powered by the EcoPlusHome’s photovoltaic panels these systems have no carbon dioxide emissions or any other negative effects on the environment.

The first two EcoPlusHomes at Sterling Meadows are projected to save their owners 75% or more on their energy bills for electricity, heating, cooling and hot water than if the houses had only been built to code with lower energy efficiency (e.g. EnerGuide rating of just 69).

The vertical ground loop system uses the relatively constant temperature of the earth (thermal energy) to provide heating, air conditioning and hot water.

Ground and water temperatures, six feet below the earth’s surface, stay relatively constant throughout the year. This allows the system to provide extremely efficient heating or cooling all year long in virtually any climate.

With the EcoPlusHome’s pre-construction EnerGuide ratings of 93, owners will likely qualify for Efficiency New Brunswick’s maximum $7,500 rebate incentive. Depending on energy consumption habits, the homeowner can recover their initial investment in as little as 5 years.

Knowing that an investment in an EcoPlusHome will pay for itself while allowing you to saving dramatically on your energy costs, reduce carbon emissions and increase the long-term resale value of your home - which home would you choose to build or buy?

See the technology and crunch the numbers during our EcoPlusHome event at Sterling Meadows on August 21st from 1-4pm .

Improve the way you buy or build your next home.

Note: All EcoPlusHome energy consumption, energy cost savings, and green house gas emission data are calculated using Natural Resources Canada official statistics for an average family of four (2 adults, 2 children). These statistics also assume the EcoPlusHome uses compact fluorescent lighting and EnergyStar rated appliances. EcoPlusHomes are connected to the local municipal electrical grid to ensure a continuous power supply on overcast days.

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