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Wallace McCain Institute - Lessons Learned

Valuable Experience As soon as I heard about their mission at the Wallace McCain Institute, I knew I wanted to be a part of this program. Here is the part that really stood out for me:

“Participants work closely with each other and some of Atlantic Canada’s top business icons, drawing inspiration and encouragement.” This program has been a very valuable experience for me. I wanted to provide an update on what I’m learning from this group of fast growing high-paced business people.

Similar Challenges The Wallace McCain Institute is really about mentorship; the people who come to coach us have been where I am as a new business owner. They have faced similar challenges. These are business people who have been working towards and achieving goals for decades. At our monthly retreat in Square Lake (near Alma) – there is no cell-phone coverage, no internet really (just a slow satellite connection) – the Institute brings in high level business speakers and we learn from them, meet them for one-on-one consultations and pick their brains for ideas and direction.

Here are my big “lessons learned” so far:

  1. Empower your people & all business is about people

  2. It’s about the experience of buying a product; not just the product itself

  3. Believe in yourself and your team; confidence is key in all aspects of business

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